How to Change iPhone 4 Root Password After a Jailbreak

Monday, September 26, 2011 0 comments

You are Prone to problems leaving your password as “alpine” after a jailbreak. Once you allow SSH connections to your phone, essentially anyone can SSH in and , if you dont change your password, it will be “alpine”. Dont leave it because someone can get in and delete all files.

How can I change my SSH Root password?

  1. Cydia>> Manage>> Sources>> Edit>>> Add
  2. Add
  3. Now in Cydia search for Terminal for iOS4
  4. Open Terminal and follow
    1. Type in “su root” without the quotes and hit RETURN.
    2. Type the root password “alpine” andhit RETURN.
    3. You are now logged in as root. Type “passwd” and touch RETURN.
    4. Create a password. You won’t see anything being entered. Touch return and the iPhone will ask you to retype the new password.
    5. Type Exit
    6. Respring
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