10 Useful iPhone 5 Tips

Tuesday, November 15, 2011 0 comments

iphone 5 tipsWith these 10 iPhone 5 tips, you will find your iPhone 5 operating experience more pleasant, and even become a pleasure.

1. When taking photos, you can hold down the camera button, and then shooting, then click on any area to photograph the screen. (Related: Backup iPhone Photos)

2. When Google Maps positioning is completed, it only shows the approximate range with a sight of something similar, then use the Replace Pin / Drop Pin function, directly target to the center of sight.

3. When the alarm sounds, sleep is the snooze button, while the slide is turning off the alarm.

4. The game of an iTunes account can be downloaded simultaneously to five different iPhone 5, if the fear of disclosure of credit card information, you can first cancel the account management in the payment information. (Related: How to Transfer Music from iPhone to Computer Free)

5. When synchronizing the different computer applications, even though the program is not lost, but the position will be disrupted, things which have been put into the folder will come out, so it is recommended synchronize the application on the same computer.

6. You can use ePub Builder to make ePub books by yourself. When first read books with iBooks, you can see a small bit of progress, wait patiently until the bar finished. If it is a probably 5M book may have to wait tens of seconds, ten seconds like ordinary books, only the first slow.

7. The clock comes with tools where you can choose time off iPod, such as automatic stop playing over half an hour. When fell asleep at night listening to music, you don't need to worry that iPod has been playing music.

8. If you still have not tear up the iPhone 5 film, you will find you can see nothing when the flash on.

9. When the side of the mute switch is turned on, the camera shutter sound is none, and very easy to facilitate videotaping.

10. After jailbreaking iPhone 5 (Related: How to Hack iPad 2), you need to install openSSH, in this way, you will see all files with ssh tools. After installing openSSH, you need to restart, recovery the backup, then facetime and MMS will come back.

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