HOW TO downgrade from Android 2.2(FroYo) to Android 2.1 (Eclair).

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If you are having problems and pain in your ass (like i am) from new Google release (Android 2.2)
you can flash back to your phone original factory ROM and have fun with this stable release.

This is a tutorial to restore the Nexus One ROM to Original Shipping Image.
This is for those of you who decided to flash a few different ROMs and want to restart from scratch.

NOTE: This is a compilation of my own experience and FAQ/HOWTO which i found in Internet:
- [ROM] Original Shipping - Tutorial
- Superboot - rooting the Nexus One

I. Installation Android SDK
1) Install Android SDK from Google site (
1.1) Install JDK (Sun Java Runtime Environement, needed to run SDK setup)
1.2) Install SDK using SDK Setup
1.3) Set PATH environment variables to the SDK/tools/ directory (adb.exe must be there)
2) Install android phone usb-drivers
2.1) Connect your phone to PC via USB cable
2.2) Enable Preferensies->Application->Developement->USB-debug on phone
2.3) Windows must detect new hardware after that and will ask you to install drivers for Android device
2.4) Install drivers from SDK/usb_driver/
2.5) Restart PC
3) Test workability of the adb shell
3.1) Enable USB-debuging mode;
3.2) On PC, from console run command 'adb devices' it must output something like this
'List of devices: HT9CSPXXXXX device'
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