5 Best Free RPG Games For iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

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5 Best Free RPG Games For iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

1112 episode 01 LITE

This is more like a mystery game where you need to solve puzzles and clear levels. This is about a person who sees strange dreams, and listens weird sounds. Taking help of those, you go ahead and solve mysteries here. This game is graphical delight.

Agency Wars Lite

In this RPG game, you get to play the role of a secret agent who gets involved in number of secret missions. You have weapons, earn awards, kill enemies and get to live the life of a secret agent virtually.

Gremlin Empire Lite

This is a different, unique and a pleasant game to play. To play the role of an entrepreneur who go on missions. You get to work on monetary system, weapons, treasures, escape paths and much more.

Reign Of Swords

This game has been in existence on the mobile platform since 2008. And it has already proved its metal by winning awards like Best Strategy Game and Best Hardcore Mobile Game in 2008. And this is one of the best RPG games available on iTunes.

Zenonia Lite

They call it as the return of classic action RPG game. With tons of awards under its belt, this surely makes the must have games on your iOS device. And yes, this is by far the best free RPG game for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

We have already shared number of iTunes apps with you, and we hope this list of best RPG games for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch would help you to enhance your gaming stuff on your iOS device.

Happy Gaming!

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