Top 5 HD Games for iPhone from Gameloft

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Gameloft is probably one of the best game publisher to buy and download iphone HD games from. Although many free games can be downloaded from the Apple appstore, games from Gameloft is of a higher quality and have an active community attached to it.
Some of the Gameloft games are also available for free from the respective markets, but the website groups them together for easy browsing. So for this month, we are going to take a look at some of the latest iPhone HD games releases from Gameloft, with the titles spanning a variety of genres.

Let’s Golf 3 HD

Price: Free
Size: 712 MB

It’s hard to find really good golfing HD games for iphone, and while Let’s Golf is by no means a serious title, it sure is one of the better games out there.
It’s not a serious title by any means, but that is what makes it so fun. Players will be able to create their own avatars for the game, and take part in tournament from the Great Wall of China to all the way in space. The graphics are fantastic and the controls are really easy.

Spiderman Total Mayhem HD

Price: £4.99
Size: 407 MB

Everybody loves a good Spiderman game, and Total Mayhem in no different. The title utilises the full 3D capabilities of the iPad to create a game that looks visually stunning with great controls. The controls actually only consist of four buttons, so it’s very easy to get used to. In terms of plot, Spiderman has to save New York from the worst breakout of Super Villains ever. This HD game is great for any Spiderman fan, although it might become a bit frustrating at times.

Wild West Guns

Price: $4.99
Size: 57.4 MB

Ambushed and left for dead outside an unfamiliar town, players assume the role of a cowboy who is simply trying to make his way home. But naturally thing don’t go according to plan… Playing out over a variety of maps and settings, this third-person shooter will have Western fans hooked in no time. The graphics could have been a bit better and the controls a bit cleaner, but the constant action at least makes up for it.

GT Racing Motor Academy

Price: Free
Size: 524 MB
Racing HD games have always been very popular, and GT Racing Motor Academy is one of the most visually appealing titles as a mobile game. As expected, players will be able to race for the podium with 25 manufacturers and more than 100 licensed cars, which can all be upgraded. The controls on the iPad feature a simple brake and accelerate button, making it very easy. This HD game looks stunning, has a lot of cars to choose from and should be in any motor racing fans’ collection.

Silent Ops

Price: $6.99
Size: 657 MB

Silent Ops will see players joining a secret organization that protects the general population from the latest 21th Century threats. In the James Bond-type shooter, players will assume the role of three different agents, each with their own special abilities. The game is actually very close in style to the British spy, so gamers will know that action waits around every corner. The graphics are stunning, but it does come at a price – because the title is in HD, a hefty download is needed.

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