How to Upload Photos from iPad to iCloud?

Wednesday, November 16, 2011 0 comments

Returned back from a journey? Have taken a lot of photos with iPad in the journey? Then how to upload photos from iPad to iCloud? Lots of people worry about the photos may be lost or the iPad may be damaged, stolen, etc. So how to backup photos from iPad to iCloud?

upload photos from ipad 2 to icloud

Here's how to:

1) Just connect your iOS device to Wi-Fi and enter your Apple ID and password.
2) Your personal data - along with your own music, apps, photos and books - will appear on your device.
3) Sync the photos to iCloud.

More about iCloud...

icloudApple unveiled its much anticipated iCloud internet syncing service on June 6th at WWDC of 2011. The new service will automatically take your content -- like music, photos and more -- and sync them between all your devices, including iPad, iPad 2, iPod touch, iPhone, etc. iCloud is a great service for iOS devices owners to sync books, photos, music, apps, videos, and so on among Mac, iOS devices, and iCloud. By the way, iCloud doesn't support sync with Windows computer.

ipad transfer software

Download Movies to iPad for enjoying!

ipad movies downloadThere is nothing like watching movies on iPad/iPad 2. The high resolution display brings your favorite HD movies and TV shows to life like no device has before. When you tap videos you'll find all your movies, your TV shows, your podcasts, and your music videos beautifully displayed so it's easy to find just the one you want.

Click the image on the right, you can download a large number of movies as you wish!

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